Are you Pregnant?

Why Should Early Pregnancy Tests Be Taken in the Morning?

We recommend that you take your pregnancy test in the morning because first-morning urine typically contains the highest concentration of human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG), the pregnancy hormone.

The good news is that hCG nearly doubles about every 2 days in early pregnancy.

First-morning urine is most important when you are choosing to test very early in pregnancy. This is typically defined as before the first day your period is due, or shortly afterward. Whether you urinate on the stick or in a cup, the concentration of hCG is the same and the results are equally valid.

That means that typically, after the fourth or fifth week of pregnancy, your hCG levels are high enough to show a positive result regardless of whether you use first-morning urine. The longer it’s been since your missed period, the easier pregnancy is to detect even if the test is taken later in the day.

If You Need to Test Later in the Day?

If your schedule or circumstances make it impossible to test in the morning, there are ways to ensure a more accurate test later in the day.

You can recreate first-morning urine for a pregnancy test by not using the bathroom for at least 4 hours.

Avoid drinking more liquids than usual. Overhydrating is a common mistake, as you may assume that drinking more will produce more urine. However, doing so will dilute your urine, making pregnancy hormones harder to detect.

Using an early pregnancy test at night is another option if you’re further along in your pregnancy. Blood tests are more sensitive than urine tests and can be performed in your doctor’s office. The accuracy of a blood pregnancy test is not dependent on the time of day.

How to choose the best Pregnancy test products?

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Here we introduce our early pregnancy test kits for you.

We have different Formats for your choose: strip, cassette, midstream.

Sensitivity: 10 miu/ml , 20miu/ml, 25miu/ml.


Test strips will get the job done quickly (and are often used in doctors offices). In order to use, you’ll pee into a cup, dip one of the strips in the liquid for five seconds, and then lay it flat. In five minutes, you’ll have your answer. The test can be used up to five days before a missed period.

Test cassette will be easy to use. lay it in flat, holding a dropper vertically, add 3 drops of urine specimen to sample well. In five minutes, you’ll get the result.

Test midstream, Sometimes we prefer more clearer display of the results, midstream is the best choice. It feel better in your hand. Pull out the cap and expose the absorbent, place absorbent pad in urine stream for at least 10 seconds to be thoroughly wet. Re-cap and wait 5 mins, you’ll get the result.

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