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The nicotine test kit consists of a standard, single-panel that can detect trace amounts of nicotine at cutoff 200 ng/ml. These kits are easy to use and take five minutes to complete. Plus, the results are accurate 99% of the time.

This nicotine test is ideal for people worried about having nicotine in their system or parents who want to know whether their kids have been smoking.

Urine Tobacco Drug Test

useful tests for people who want to know whether nicotine is in their system. It is also useful for employers and life insurance employees trying to detect fraud. These tests detect nicotine in urine up to four days after a cigarette was last smoked. It is easy to use and gives results quickly and accurately.

What Is It and Why Do It?

A nicotine test is done to find out whether a person is actively using tobacco or not. Tobacco use is the leading preventable cause of death in America.

According to a Fact Sheet by the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention, 480,000 people die in the States alone. Long-term use of tobacco increases the risk of many lethal diseases and can have a great impact on an individual’s health.

This is why many employers require nicotine testing to evaluate their prospective employees. In addition, there are many other reasons where an individual might be required to take a nicotine test.

· When a court may order nicotine test, usually in cases of child custody

· To find out if an individual is taking a nicotine overdose that might be causing/augmenting the illness he/she is under treatment for

· When a woman is pregnant and wants to assess the health of unborn and in breastfeeding mothers to find out if the infant is getting its harmful effects through the milk

· When health and life insurance companies require nicotine testing before they start their plan

· To monitor compliance of an individual who joins a smoking cessation program

· When an individual is about to go under spinal fusion, wound revision, orthopedic, plastic surgery, pulmonary therapy, or organ transplantation

A nicotine test can offer qualitative as well as quantitative results. Qualitative nicotine tests may reveal whether or not the compound is present inside the system of an individual, while quantitative nicotine tests show its concentration level.

In other words, Qualitative testing will help distinguish non-tobacco users, those who have recently quit, those who are exposed to second-hand smoke, and those who actively smoke from each other.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Can Nicotine Be Detected in a Test?

This tests can detect nicotine up to 7 days after a person uses a cigarette. Anyone who wants to know how to get nicotine out of your system should simply not smoke before a test.

What Kind of Nicotine Test Do Employers Use?

Most tests are designed to detect cotinine because it is more stable, and cotinine remains in the body longer than nicotine. Therefore, chances are that a person faced with a nicotine test faces a cotinine test.

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